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Living Dead Dolls @ Livejournal

~ for spooky kids ages 15 and up ~

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Living Dead Dolls
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This community was created so that others can share their facination with Living Dead Dolls .

We welcome members to share upcomming news, photos, dolls for sale, customizations, artwork, stories and just about anything else that has to do with Living Dead Dolls!!

Please visit these other LDD related sites!:
Mezco LDD Message Board
Deader Is Better Message Board
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Rules: There are no strict rules here just the basic "If you post a large or multiple photos please put them in a LJ cut (there are some people out there with Dial-Up still)", "No spaming, try to stay on topic" and "No flaming", debates are more than welcome if they can be expressed in a mature manner.

The one thing I do not allow is the promotion of other communities within Live Journal that is not a sub category of the LDD as a subject. In other words if you have a duplicate LDD LJ community don't post the link here.

NOTE: Purchase and sell dolls through this community at your own risk. LiveJournal cannot be held accountable for any "mistransactions", or other questionable dealings. Please read this thread for further info and feedback on some users who have traded in the past.

Community maintainer: morlockkid

P.S Don't forget to check out the memories! You'll find lots of photos and other great stuff.

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